oap45: Culture Changes by James McNenny

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This is a real funny and different play. There are three acts displaying how Americanís lived 50 years or more ago and how things have changed today. The stage is divided in half with the left side of the stage being the yesterday and the right side of the stage the today. Scene One: two families getting together at the end of the day for dinner. Scene Two: The parents of each family after dinner socializing with their neighbors. Scene Three: The teenage son and daughter of each family getting together with two teenage friends, a boy and a girl, and discussing their activities after school and their hopes for the future. In each scene, the talk on one side of the stage will be interrupted frequently with talk on the other side of the stage, and when this happens the actor or actors interrupted will freeze in position and remain silent until it is time to continue their dialog. The actors on neither side of the stage will acknowledge the existence of the actors on the other side of the stage. When breaking into a dialog on the other side of the stage, the actors must speak distinctly so all of the audience gets the humor of the interruption. Some of the cultures changed are family dinners, technology, high school sports, highway driving, wars, doctor visits, wives working, time keeping, greetings, car buying, women presidents?, wearing of hats, girl dressing, juke boxes vs. I-pods, songs of the day, jobs after school and future jobs, peer mediation, how violence gets started and what to do about it,