oap46: Flying Star by Peter Townsend

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The closure of a miniature railway seems imminent since a local tycoon has plans to redevelop the area. The volunteers running the railway vote unanimously to protect their railway and The Flying Star locomotive by murdering the tycoon.

The Cast List

‘Drifter’ in his 30s trying to come to terms with the tragic loss of his father and the break up of his marriage.
Early 70s and the intellectual and pompous ‘leader’ of the railway volunteers
In poor health and desperate to maintain and restore the railway (in his 70s).
In his 70s and has a troubled relationship with his daughter, Marilyn.
In her early 30s and has a romantic interest in Peter.
Tom’s son (Jack-The-Lad character) who owns a scrap yard and is secretly restoring the line to Loxley He is anxious to make amends with his father. (In his 30s).
In his 70s, but behaves much like a young child, following an accident at work. Alternatively, he could be a younger person with learning difficulties.
Artist in her spare time. She is a police officer who falls in love with Dave. (In her 30s)
Ruthless tycoon who plans to redevelop the resort (In his 40s).