oap53: Lincoln Green by Henry Wizgier

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Script Notes
This play was written with the idea it could be performed alongside "Another God" to form one full-length play.

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The play is a spoof on the Robin Hood legend which is believed to have been based on a medieval ballad called ‘The Lyttel Geste of Robyn Hode’. Selected verses from this ballad, in a modernised translation, are recited or sung throughout the performance.

Gilbert is an illiterate young swineherd who is in love with Elizabeth, a girl of similar poor background but who has been promised to a middle-aged soldier Ralph Butcher, an officer serving under the Sherrif of Nottingham. Gilbert is constantly made aware of his lowly status and following a particularly embarrassing scene where he is humiliated in front of Elizabeth by both Ralph and then his own father, Gilbert runs away to join Robin Hood's outlaw gang. He is gone for over a year before returning to his parents Agatha and Walter's home dressed in a Lincoln Green outfit and claiming to be a member of Robin Hood's Merry Men. Calling himself Gilbert A' Green, he regales his parents, but more importantly Elizabeth, about his exploits as an outlaw, which have even been celebrated in a ballad. Before Gilbert returns to Sherwood Forest though, Elizabeth asks him to bring her back some parchment with Robin Hood’s signature on it, as well as those of Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet and other famous gang members. Autograph collecting has been around much longer than we realise, dating back to Roman times in fact. Not long after this, Gilbert's parents are visited by a strange old man who is on the run from the authorities, and who claims to be Robin Hood. They reluctantly hide him from the Sherrif of Nottingham's men and when the coast is clear question him about their son. But this supposed Robin Hood has never heard of Gilbert A' Green.

So upon Gilbert's next visit they enquire as to what is going on, then Elizabeth arrives and asks him if he has brought Robin Hood and his gang's signatures. Gilbert produces the parchment when suddenly Ralph bursts in having been alerted to the young outlaw's presence. Gilbert now strenuously denies being involved with Robin Hood, but Ralph sees the parchment and snatches it out of his hand.

He reads out what is written on it, but to his dismay and Gilbert's relief, it turns out not to be the incriminating document they expected it to be. Unknown to Gilbert, the scribe he hired to write these signatures for him decided to reveal the truth about Gilbert's activities. Which is that he is nothing more than a balladeer who travels around with a troupe of actors visiting fairs and taverns singing about the exploits of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

As Ralph leaves in disgust, the old man who Agatha and Walter sheltered earlier from the Sherriff's men, returns to reward them for helping him. He hands them a small fortune in gold thereby convincing everyone that he is indeed none other than Robin Hood. But then upon learning that Elizabeth's parents will not let her marry Gilbert because he is just a poor swineherd, the famed outlaw snatches the gold back out of Walter's hand. True to his reputation Robin Hood robs the now rich Walter, to help his poor son Gilbert. This enables the young swineherd to sway her father's hand and let him marry Elizabeth.

The Cast List

A young swineherd.
A teenage village girl.
Gilbert's bullying father.
Walter's wife and Gilbert's mother.
Captain of the Sheriff of Nottingham's guard.
The famed outlaw in the twilight years of his life.
A medieval minstrel who sings ballads about Robin Hood.
A medieval scribe.
Self explanatory.
A listener and commentator of ballads about Robin Hood.
Listener 1's wife.