oap54: A Family Dysfunction by Natalie Carey

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Adult Comedy
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Get ready for an outrageous, explosive evening full of surprises as the dysfunctional Baxter Family come together at wealthy son Christianís house for good old Nanís 90th Birthday party. Christianís wife and self-help guru Billieís coveted book deal appears in jeopardy when someone seems intent on destroying her reputation. Sister Vivienís gigantic ego and self confidence is rattled as it becomes apparent that her new sexual conquest Professor Bernie isnít quite what he seems. Mum and Dad Baxter are up to their usual ridiculous antics and who keeps calling and texting self-made millionaire Christian? Nan is her bipolar self but does she know much more than what the family give her credit for? As skeleton after skeleton explode from the closet, which Baxter will have their life changed forever?

The Cast List

Early-Mid thirties. Property Developer. Successful and very wealthy (self made.) He comes from a regular, blue collar upbringing. He is self absorbed, vain, and arrogant; he is also indulging in some extracurricular activities that may backfire.
Early thirties. Wife to Christian. She is a Professional Blogger who writes about self-help and motivation, and she is desperate to have a baby. She is about to sign a coveted book deal with a well-known publishing house. She is driven, well spoken but a total stress head (doesnít usually live what she teaches). Lately she is more high-strung than usual because of the anticipation of the book deal, along with the fact she is having difficulty falling pregnant.
Christianís younger sister. Mid twenties. Beautiful, vivacious, boho, wanton. She is intelligent and usually confident but can be petulant and childish around her family as they trigger old insecurities. She is a full time university student who likes menÖ and lots of them.
Early twenties. The youngest brother of Christian & Vivien. Mollycoddled and spoiled by his mother. He is an oddball, and completely random. He recently joined the ArmyÖ with interesting results.
Christianís father. Sixtyish. Loud, boisterous and total chauvinist. He is a recently retired Council Foreman and former amateur boxer. He is a real manís man who enjoys laughing at his own vulgar jokes.
Christianís mother, married to Bob. She is dramatic, theatrical and judgmental. She loves to gossip at the bowls club yet doesnít like being on the receiving end. She worries incessantly about what people think.
The Birthday Girl and Bobís somewhat bipolar mother. For all appearances, she is sweet and happy but she can turn on you quicker than a bell clapper in a gooses arse (fast.) She comes across as confused but she knows much more than the family give her credit for.
University professor and Vivienís latest sexual conquest. He is awkward, clumsy, and geeky but things are not always as they appear to be with Bernie.
Wild hair, tight dress and feisty. An unpleasant surprise for many.