oap56: You and Me Both by Derek Webb

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Gareth and Daisy have been invited to stay for free in a holiday cottage a renovated barn by the affluent owners, David and Fleur, who live next door. The trouble is Daisy knows David all too well: she used to be his wife, until he had an affair with Fleur. Now they are expected round for dinner and Daisy is beginning to worry what her ex-husband might let slip. While next door, in David and Fleur's house, they have just received some very worrying news from an unexpected quarter. And so the stage is set for an hilarious comedy of personal relationships.

The Cast List

Pleasant, undemanding and steers clear of controversy whenever possible, but perfectly capable of making her views clear if she wants. 30s-40s
Daisy's husband. Normally very placid, part owner of company making solar panels. Believes in green values, doesn't suffer fools gladly. 30s-40s
Perfectly pleasant but pretentious woman who is always keen to impress. She probably has never had to work for a living. 30s-40s
Fleur's seemingly long-suffering husband who works in stockbroking. Measures success in money, but basically wants an easy life. 30s-40s