oap62: Pathetic by John Watts

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Manhattan Theatre Source 2007

Script Notes


A man in his thirties is confronted by an older woman on a park bench whose husband left her for a twenty-thee year old. He is forced to explain his mismatched shoes which were acquired by escaping from a married woman’s apartment in a hurry as the husband arrived. His pitiful condition is matched by her dejected attempt to feed pigeons that will not respond to her. A pathetic one legged pigeon arrives on the scene giving them a sympathetic focus for the lonely existence of each of them. The confrontation turns physical when she throws one of his shoes off stage, attempts to beat him down with a bag of bread crumbs and throws the second shoe to her vicious cocker spaniel. In the process we discover the trauma of their lives.

The Cast List

An older woman
A man in his thirties