oap71: The Seance by Nick John Whittle

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What Bill Toohey believes to be contact with his dead father is in fact a fabricated show led by the charlatan medium Madame La Fayette. When Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakovís discarnate spirit winds up at the same sťance things start to get uncomfortable for the faker. Now, La Fayette has nowhere to hide and is shamed into admitting, at least to Nikolai, that she is just making a quick buck. Taking pity on the sitters and seeing his chance not only to make things right but to make a little extra money, the Russian composerís ghost attempts to train La Fayette in the ways of the spirit world. Unsuccessful, at least for now, she packs up her things before begging Nikolai to accompany her through the next phase of her life.

The Cast List

Discarnate entity of the Russian composer, in his forties. Wears the uniform of the Imperial Russian Navy.
A French woman in her thirties, a charlatan spiritual medium born Claudette Beregovoi.
William Toohey (BILL)
In his sixties, unobtrusive and pleasant.
Deborah Toohey (DEB):
Billís wife, in her fifties with a similar temperament to her husband.