oap72: Best of British Pigeon by Nick John Whittle

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With his good friend Flying Officer Pat Johnson’s encouragement and his investors’ cash running out fast, Sir Frank Whittle approaches Ramsay MacDonald’s Air Ministry for a much-needed cash injection to develop his brand new turbojet engine, an invention which if taken up would lead to the first ever jet-powered warplanes. But neither Whittle nor Johnson have counted on the dark and selfish motives of rival engineer Doctor Griffiths who for some time has been attempting to realize his own jet engine and who now steers the much-needed interest of the Ministry away from the Whittle Unit project. However, with a little luck, some hard British slog and a worldwide war, things slowly turn in their favour. Success is soon theirs but celebrations are short-lived thanks to an unexpected government-led shafting.

The Cast List

Sir Frank WHITTLE:
25-35yo, Enthusiastic and irascible. Inventor of the turbojet engine. Note: due to being awarded continual promotions throughout the scope of the play the author has here credited WHITTLE solely with the KBE, received in 1948.
Flying Officer Pat JOHNSON
25-35yo, Mild mannered, an encouraging friend to WHITTLE, also an investor in the project..
Flt Lt Gerry SAYER [Voice OFF]:
20-30yo, Pilot of the test bed Gloster E28/39. A typical Tally-Ho RAF pilot of those times.
(Played by PILOT)