oap73: Break A Leg by Jack Williams

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Script Notes

This One-Act Play can be performed with "The After Party - oap74" to make a full length play


This comedy is based in the dressing room of a theatre; the members of an amateur drama group are performing a farce. It soon becomes apparent that Daniel, who is unhappily married, had a one-night stand the night before. His wife, Josephine, is also in the play and he’s now in turmoil as Daisy (his one-night stand) is helping backstage. To add to his troubles, one of the other actresses is making advances on him. The tension mounts for Daniel as he tries to keep the three ladies apart. The rest of the cast all have various personality traits. It will take a miracle to get through the play as Daniel’s life starts to unravel!

The Cast List

Francis Snippet –
(forties – fifties)
Arthur Blight –
(twenties – thirties)
Poppy Starling –
(twenties – thirties)
Cynthia Berry –
Iris Withers –
(forties – fifties)
Daisy Pusher –
(forties – fifties)
Monty Soaks –
(forties – fifties)
Josephine Drake-Chambers –
(thirties – forties)
Daniel Chambers –
(thirties – forties)